What if I want to mount to a vinyl surface?


To mount to a vinyl surface may require longer or a different type of fasteners than those which are included with your purchase of a BatBnB, depending on the substrate of your vinyl siding. The easiest place to attach the mounting bracket is any point where the profile of the vinyl siding is closest to the substrate material, so the mounting bracket can be attached without deforming the profile of the vinyl siding in an unsightly way.


Vinyl siding can also create obstructions above the mounting bracket which can prevent the cleats from fully locking on to the bracket. This aspect needs to be taken into account when picking your spot for mounting to your vinyl siding.


In all cases, we recommend that you ensure there is adequate penetration and hold of the mounting bracket fasteners into structural material that they will support and withstand the weight of your BatBnB unit once mounted. Longer fasteners may be required to ensure proper penetration into structural material, as well as to avoid tightening the mounting bracket to the substrate material to the point of deforming the vinyl profile.   


For instance, frequently the vinyl siding substrate of is a layer of plywood sheathing which is fastened to a stud wall. This case would require fasters made for use with wood materials.