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Reduce mosquitoes & pests

A common bat can eat thousands of insects in a single night, making them the perfect substitute for nasty pesticides. By eating everything from beetles to mosquitoes, bats help keep your garden and your family safe.


Provide a safe habitat

Bats are under threat all over the world, and they need our help. BatBnB offers a perfect  home for them to raise their pups and stay safe from predators.


LEarn to Love this animal

The idea that bats are vicious monsters thirsting for your blood is a myth. In reality, bats avoid people. They sleep during the day and hunt pests at night. Treat them with respect, and they’ll be your best neighbors.


how it works

Units can be placed on a wall, shed, barn or pole in your yard. When local bats emerge from hibernation, they'll find your BatBnB and gladly call it home.


interior spaces that mimic their natural habitat and capture heat from direct sunlight make the house appealing to bats.



Bats enter from the bottom of the Batbnb. The landing pad and interior surfaces have grooves that allow bats to easily grip, climb, and hang.


At night the bats are ready to go out and catch dinner. They use the space under the unit to drop out of the house and gain momentum for flight.


Working with


We are working in close concert with Merlin Tuttle of Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation to help design a bat house that is perfectly suitable for the animal's needs so that the bats can comfortably raise their pups in a safe environment. Merlin Tuttle's organization is leading the field in cutting edge research and bat related advocacy efforts and we are honored to have him advising our team.

We encourage the entire BatBnB community to visit to immerse themselves in research and consider making a donation to their organization.

Seeing well intended people disappointed by cheap, “imitation” bat houses troubles me greatly. It gives good conservation a bad name. The BatBnB line of houses is the first to be developed for mass sale that meets all my personal criteria. I have been involved in the design and construction of these houses from the beginning and am happy to endorse them as unsurpassed in meeting bat needs, resisting deterioration, and still looking great.
— Merlin Tuttle // Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation

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What makes BatBnB better
than the average bat house?


+ Large Chambers

+ Better Grip

+ Effective Ventilation

+ Thorough Sealant Application

+ High Quality Lumber



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