Experts have found that painting a bat house can increase occupancy rates by as much as 50%. Bat houses in warmer areas, such as the southern United States, may benefit from light colored paint, while colder areas, such as the northern U. S. and Canada, may benefit from a darker color to help absorb more warmth from the sun.

This map was created by referencing data from bat expert Merlin Tuttle and serves as a guideline for what color to paint or stain your BatBnB based on average daily high temperatures during the month of July. For example the black areas of the map show where BatBnB's should be painted the darkest shades, while the off-white color represents locations where BatBnB's should be painted the lightest shades. If you decide to paint your batbnb, consider lightly sanding the unit beforehand for the best application.


Applying Stain to BatBnB.jpg