Hanging Guide


Choosing the Right Location

The following expert recommendations will maximize your chances for early BatBnB occupancy. The most important consideration is location. Do your best to stick to the following:

1) A location on a post or the side of a house, barn, or shed is best. In particularly cool climates, always opt for a building.

2) Even in hot climates your BatBnB should receive 6+ hours of direct sunlight daily, and in cooler climates, more sunlight is better.

3) Place the BatBnB at least 10-12 feet off the ground. When possible, 15-20 feet is better.

4) BatBnBs located at least 20 feet away from trees will be most successful. Bat houses mounted on trees are least successful because they often offer limited sun exposure and allow predators (mostly owls) to perch on nearby branches. If a tree is your only option, choose a sunny spot that is far from potential predator perches.




Increases temperature variation inside the unit

2) LANDING PAD / CHAMBER ENTRANCE Runway space for incoming and outgoing flights

Allows bats to move between chambers without leaving the bat house

Gripping edges for bats to climb and hang on

Simple and strong system for mounting your BatBnB to a surface


Included Parts



These come pre-attached to the back of your BatBnB unit and function by gripping the mount piece.



Attach this piece to the surface you want to hang your BatBnB from. The side with the smaller surface area should connect with the hanging surface.


Safety Bracket

Small metal bracket on the lower back side of your BatBnB that will act as a safety mechanism against any lifting forces such as strong winds.


Screws (6)

Screws that will attach the mount to your hanging surface.


Tools Needed



Phillips-head bit or Phillips-head screwdriver



Minimum 15 ft reach




Hanging Instructions

1) Now that you’ve found the perfect location for mounting, remove your BatBnB from the box and packaging. Carefully position the ladder so that it is stable, and grab a friend to hold it steady.

2) Climb the ladder with your screwdriver or drill, a level, four screws and the mounting piece.

3) Position the mounting piece in the desired location and fully insert one of the screws. The mounting piece should be turned as displayed in the image for the cleats to grip. Level the mounting piece and screw in the remaining screws.

4) Dismount the ladder, re-adjust the ladder position if necessary, and then climb the ladder again with your BatBnB unit. Slide the cleats on the back of the unit onto the mounting piece.

5) Once your BatBnB unit is level, climb the ladder with a screwdriver and one screw. Adjust the bottom metal bracket so that it points straight down and secure it with a screw.

6) Great work! Your BatBnB is now in operation. Inspire others to help save the bats by tagging photos of your new BatBnB on social media using #batbnb.



Hanging a BatBnB 15+ feet up can be scary! Seriously, we want you to be careful. If you’re not comfortable climbing a ladder while carrying the heavy BatBnB, find a friend to assist you or hire a local contractor or handyman to help. Use common sense, take any additional cautionary steps to keep yourself safe, and always treat the animals with respect. When cleaning bat droppings (or any type of animal droppings) one should take precautions to avoid inhaling dust, or even better, avoid interacting with droppings entirely.

In no event shall Point Line Plane LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of Point Line Plane LLC products or from hanging, servicing, or altering Point Line Plane products.

Furthermore Point Line Plane LLC is not liable for any form of harm that may occur due to interactions with wildlife.

This product must be inspected for use to ensure it has not been damaged in shipment. If damaged in shipping, do not use and immediately contact Point Line Plane’s support channel to process a replacement.

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