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What if I want to mount to a brick surface?

The best way to put up your BatBnB up on a brick surface is to still use the mounting system that was included with your purchase. However, instead of using wood screws we recommend using Tapcon masonry fasteners such as these which you should be able to pick up at any big box hardware store. Use the pre-drilled holes on the mounting bracket as a template for pre-drilling into your masonry surface.


To be sure that the mounting bracket doesn't split when the tapcons are inserted, I would widen the pre-drilled holes slightly to accommodate the diameter of the fasteners you purchase. I would also caution against overtightening the fasteners, as this could also cause the bracket to split.


In all cases, we recommend that you ensure there is adequate penetration and hold of the mounting bracket fasteners into structural material that they will support and withstand the weight of your BatBnB unit once mounted. Longer fasteners may be required to ensure proper penetration into structural material.

Where should I hang my BatBnB?

Check out our Hanging Guide for details. BatBnBs should ideally be placed 15-20 feet from the ground on a wall, shed, barn, or post that receives 6-7+ hours of direct sunlight each day. Keep them away from areas with heavy foot traffic, and make sure the guano can fall into a low traffic, non-edible garden bed or lawn where it won't disturb you or anyone in your family -- the plants will love the natural fertilizer! Trees are almost never a viable option, they should always be a last resort as they often house predators and can obstruct necessary sunlight. If you must choose a tree, make sure it’s 15 feet or more away from the nearest branch, and that it still receives the necessary sunlight.