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What bugs do bats eat?

Mosquitoes, Sphynx, corn earworm and armyworm moths, green stink bugs, June beetles, cucumber beetles, grasshoppers, crickets and many more. They avoid a lot of the ‘good’ bugs such as bees or butterflies due to scheduling conflicts; bats are actually asleep during the day when these bugs are most active. Learn more about bats in the Bat Education Zone.

Will I notice a meaningful reduction in my local mosquito population?

Many people have anecdotally reported reduced mosquitos. Another controlled study documented that bats could significantly reduce egg laying success for mosquitoes. Recently, a paper published in the Journal of Mammalogy reported a new study from Wisconsin that documented widespread consumption, by little brown and big brown bats, of 15 species of mosquitoes, nine of which are known carriers of West Nile virus. These two species are the most frequent bat house users in the northern half of the U.S. and Canada.

How can BatBnBs help businesses or municipalities?

Many major cities and parks have significant budgets set aside for both environmental conservation and mosquito mitigation in order to protect their citizens (both human and animal). They often spend a great deal on harmful pesticides, because there just aren’t great alternatives. For example, the New Orleans Mosquito and Pest Control group had a 2.3M budget in 2017, Sacramento spent over $2M in mosquito prevention programming in 2017, and Miami-Dade County Mayor had a budget for mosquito control of over $10 million. Bats are a perfect fit for supporting conservation goals while also reducing mosquito populations.