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Are bats rodents?

In reality, bats are mammals, and they play an important role in the ecosystem. They can act as seed dispersers and pollinators. They clean themselves like cats and are incredibly smart. They also often only have 1 pup (baby bat) a year, which is why it’s so important to keep them safe and help them recover their population.

What about my dogs and cats? Will they have any issues with the bats?

If you place your bat house according to instructions, occupants are unlikely to be caught by cats as it will be too high up for them. Dogs will have as much as interest in guano as they do any bird poop and are very unlikely to ever interact with a bat. We recommend that all your animals be vaccinated for rabies, as is common practice. If your house pet ever brings a bat into the house, call animal control to properly care for or safely dispose of the animal. Never handle the bat yourself.

What if I already have bats in my attic?

That's actually great! Attics often provide ideal accommodations from which bats are reluctant to move except when excluded, which is when you create a one way exit out of your attic. Several leading animal control professionals advertise that once bats are excluded from an attic, they'll try to find a new home nearby in your shed, barn, or even at a neighbor’s house. They recommend putting up a bat house or two nearby to offer the bats an option to quickly relocate when they return from hibernation. When bats are given a nearby bat house of sufficient size to accommodate their whole colony, they often move in to a house that was provided at least a few weeks prior to exclusion. This keeps the bats safe and stops them from going back into your attic. Sounds like a win/win in our book.