Will wasps and bees nest in my BatBnB? What do I do if so?


We designed our chamber widths to a specific size that actually discourages wasps from nesting in the BatBnB, unlike other models in the market that often have larger chamber widths which are more welcoming to wasps. So while wasps taking up residence is rare, it can still happen. If wasps move into the BatBnB, the bats and wasps can actually peacefully co-habitate for a time, but eventually the wasps will overtake the space and the bats will be forced out. The best way to solve for wasps is by waiting until winter when the bats are hibernating (please double check to make sure; we don’t want anyone to get hurt), put on protective gear (goggles + respirator), and carefully use a broom to knock the wasps nest out of the BatBnB. If this seems like a difficult task, we recommend hiring a contractor to do this work for you safely.