How do I install a pole for my BatBnB?

  • Once you’ve found a suitable location, first dig a hole 3 feet to 4 feet deep with a shovel, post-hole digger, or an auger.

  • Attach your BatBnB to the pole, before erecting the pole. You can find mounting guidelines for your BatBnB in the included booklet or

  • We like to put a few inches of gravel in the hole to drain water away from the pole and help prolong the life of the pole.

  • Raise the pole while inserting into the hole (this may require the help of a friend).

  • Use a level to make sure the pole is straight.

  • Fill around the pole using cement, gravel, dirt, or a combination of them (you can find many guides for setting poles with the materials you’d prefer to use by simply searching online).

  • We recommend adding small amounts of fill at a time and periodically checking the levelness of the pole as you go.